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nov 05 update

okay okay i know long time no see or whatever - i can't help it i got busy.

So here's the status on some projects:

noah's hoodie:  i have gotten stuck at the "pick up stitches" part of the hood.  it's killing me and i can't go past it.  due to my new job at work i'm also unable to go to the knitting group tonight and get help.

mark's grey gold club cover:  this is definately the least favorite of the bunch.  it's got 3 mini tassels and it kinda looks like ass, but this one made me tired of making these damn things... and it makes me want a pom maker.

hok's cigar gloves:  done done and done!  it was a bitch at first.  one glove is definately better than the other and hopefully it'll fit his long slender hands.  i didn't wash them just so he could block them if need be... but they're soooooo coool.  i'm tempted to make myself on in chocolate (mc) and mint green (cc) so i ordered a color card from knit picks to check out the colors.

my cowl neck sweater:  dude i love this sweater but i'm worried it's not going to fit around my gut.  it's a really form fitting slender sweater, but i'm flat and my stomach isn't.  so hopefullly blocking will save the day?  i also swatched for the first time.  it was cool b/c swatching and washing made me realize that i wasn't knitting tightly, the yarn just needed to be washed.  so my guage is perfect!

multidirectonal scarf:  the only thing about making this that i don't like is not knowing whether or not i have enough yarn left to finish the 1/2 triangle at the edge.  but i made it into a mini scarf (about 3 or 4 ft) and it's pretty cool.  definately a mini scarf though.  i'm wondering about making another one, but i think i want to check out more mutidirectional patterns

status report on buying:

can we say "put the card down!"  i bought mohair ot make a garter stitch scarf, but now i'm thinking of turning the damn thing into a pillow...  haven't decided yet.  i started making it with 10's when it called for 9's and i'm seeing why 9 is a good idea.  i've also realized, i don't like knitting with mohair.  it's too difficult to use and unravel.  it gets tangled so much i've had to rip it apart (and luckily i didn't break the line).  more likely it will be a gift for someone.

i've also come to love color cards.  they're a great way to color test and see the texture of any yarn.  i ordered a shit load from knitpicks.com and can't wait for it to come in.

they (knitpicks.com) also have sample packs of yarn where they give you 1 ball of each color!!! not mini ball but full sized stuff.  it's like 36 balls of yarn for 80 bucks.  can you imagine hte number of hats, gloves, scarves, or socks you could make?  or the fair isle?

that's another thing i'm going to obsess over, fair isle.  it's a bitch though, i did a VERY SIMPLE fair isle hat for my buddy dan and it wanted to stab my eyes out with the needles.

oh and lastly - my next project is going to be socks.  i just need to get the damn needles for it.  yes, i am a genius... i bought the yarn but not the needles. 


p.s.  double circular knitting kicks double pointed needle knitting's ass!  hahahahha

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